Success Stories from the PADI IDC with Holly Macleod


Holly Macleod, a Platinum PADI Course Director, has garnered a stellar reputation for her exceptional PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) programs. Her dedication to excellence and her innovative teaching methods have produced numerous success stories. Here are some inspiring accounts from graduates who have completed their padiย idc with Holly Macleod.

1. From Office Job to Dive Instructor

Name: Sarah

Background: Sarah was working a corporate job in London when she decided to pursue her passion for diving. She had always dreamed of becoming a dive instructor but was unsure where to start.

Experience with Holly: Sarah chose to do her PADI IDC with Holly Macleod in the Gili Islands. She was impressed by Holly’s detailed and personalized approach to training. Holly’s comprehensive curriculum and hands-on teaching style helped Sarah gain confidence and hone her skills.

Outcome: Sarah passed her Instructor Examination (IE) with flying colors and secured a job at a prestigious dive center in Bali. She now enjoys a fulfilling career, sharing her love for diving with others and exploring some of the world’s most beautiful underwater environments.

2. Transforming Passion into Profession

Name: Mike

Background: Mike was an avid recreational diver who wanted to turn his hobby into a profession. He had completed his Divemaster certification and was looking for a reputable Course Director to guide him through the IDC process.

Experience with Holly: Mike found Holly Macleodโ€™s IDC program to be exactly what he needed. Hollyโ€™s in-depth knowledge, combined with her supportive and encouraging teaching style, made the training both challenging and enjoyable. Mike appreciated the real-world scenarios Holly incorporated into the training, which prepared him well for his future role.

Outcome: Mike successfully completed the IDC and IE, becoming a PADI Instructor. He now works in the Maldives, where he teaches diving courses and leads underwater excursions. Mike credits Holly’s mentorship for his smooth transition from a recreational diver to a professional instructor.

3. Achieving High Scores and Professional Growth

Name: Emma

Background: Emma had been working as a Divemaster in Thailand but wanted to advance her career by becoming a PADI Instructor. She sought a Course Director with a proven track record of success to ensure she received the best training possible.

Experience with Holly: Emma chose Holly Macleod based on her impressive reputation and the positive reviews from past candidates. Hollyโ€™s IDC program exceeded Emmaโ€™s expectations, providing thorough training in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Holly’s feedback was constructive and helped Emma improve rapidly.

Outcome: Emma achieved one of the highest scores in her IE cohort and was immediately offered a position at a leading dive center in Thailand. She continues to grow professionally, taking on more responsibilities and expanding her skill set, thanks to the strong foundation built during her IDC with Holly.

4. A Path to International Opportunities

Name: Jorge

Background: Jorge was a Divemaster from Spain who dreamed of working as a dive instructor in exotic locations around the world. He wanted an IDC program that would provide international recognition and open doors to global opportunities.

Experience with Holly: Jorge enrolled in Holly Macleodโ€™s IDC program, drawn by her international acclaim and the Gili Islandsโ€™ reputation as a top diving destination. Holly’s training was rigorous and comprehensive, equipping Jorge with the skills and confidence needed to excel as an instructor.

Outcome: After completing his IDC and IE, Jorge received job offers from dive centers in various countries, including Indonesia, Mexico, and Egypt. He currently works in the Red Sea, where he enjoys a dynamic career, meeting divers from all over the world, and sharing his passion for the underwater realm.

5. Overcoming Challenges and Finding Success

Name: Lisa

Background: Lisa had faced numerous challenges in her diving career, including a lack of confidence and limited teaching experience. She wanted an IDC program that would help her overcome these obstacles and become a competent instructor.

Experience with Holly: Lisa found Holly Macleodโ€™s IDC program to be transformative. Hollyโ€™s patient and supportive teaching style, coupled with her expert guidance, helped Lisa build her confidence and improve her skills. The individualized attention and constructive feedback were instrumental in Lisaโ€™s development.

Outcome: Lisa completed her IDC and IE successfully, emerging as a confident and capable PADI Instructor. She now works in Australia, where she teaches a variety of diving courses and leads diving trips. Lisa attributes her success to the thorough training and unwavering support she received from Holly.


The success stories of Sarah, Mike, Emma, Jorge, and Lisa highlight the impact of Holly Macleodโ€™s PADI IDC program. Hollyโ€™s dedication to providing high-quality, personalized training has enabled countless individuals to achieve their dreams of becoming PADI Instructors. Her students not only pass their Instructor Examinations with high scores but also go on to have rewarding and successful careers in the diving industry. Choosing Holly Macleod for your PADI IDC ensures that you receive the best possible training and mentorship, setting you on a path to success in your diving career.

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